Worshiping Well

"Worship the LORD in the splendour of his holiness" Psalm 96:9a

Prayers for Pentecost Sunday

on May 25, 2012










Lord, we simply had no idea just how wonderful you were.
We have praised you in the past,
but until the Day of Pentecost we had not seen your glory.

We have given you thanks,
but as we celebrate Pentecost
we recognise our utter dependence.

We have worshipped your name,
but on this Pentecost Sunday
we stand overwhelmed by your power.
Lord, how can we not praise you?
for what you have shown us
in the coming of the Holy Spirit?
In him, you have revealed
something of your authority over all things,
your joy in your creation
and your desire to fill us with your love and power.

Lord, we praise you for your greatness,
which cannot be confined or restricted in any way;
for the way you have been present and active in your world
from before the dawn of creation.
We praise you for all those
who down the centuries have known your truth,
acknowledged your presence
and been filled with your power.

We praise you that on this Day of Pentecost
your promise of the Holy Spirit is for us;
that as we are together in this place
we can know what it means to be filled
with the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,
love of God
and the power and the presence of the Spirit.

May he empower us to live in you. Amen.



Father, we thank you for those whose words, deeds and service
have been shot through with your power;
for those whose lives and witness
have touched and changed our own lives
and for those whose knowledge and experience of you
through the Holy Spirit
have been a source of hope and joy for many.

We praise you for the coming of the Spirit,
not only on your first disciples on the Day of Pentecost,
but also on every generation of your faithful people.
We thank you for those who through the Spirit’s inspiration
wrote the Scriptures
and for those who have made it possible for us to hear your
prophetic word today;
for every moment of your Spirit that brings you glory
and for every time someone is filled with his power and you
are praised;
for the gifts of the Spirit
and for the fruit with which he fills our lives.

We thank you that the Spirit changes strangers into friends
and those who were once enemies
into brothers and sisters in Christ.

May the life-transforming power and presence of the Spirit
lift our praise and fill us with thankfulness all our days.
In the name of Christ. Amen.



Lord, you are so great
that the whole of the universe cannot contain your glory,
and yet you live in the lives of those who put their trust in Jesus.

Lord, you deserve the praises of everyone who has ever lived,
everyone who is living and everyone still to be born,
and yet you welcome our worship.
Your glory cannot be limited to one time and place,
but by the Holy Spirit you help us to sing your praise
and to share your love.

We thank you for Jesus,
who promised that the Holy Spirit would come to empower our lives
and to change us completely.
We thank you that the Holy Spirit is your free gift
to all who put their trust in Jesus.
We thank you that the Holy Spirit fills us with joy
and with the strength to praise and to serve you.

We thank you for the Holy Spirit,
who helps us to love those we find it hard even to like
and to help those who will never say thank you.

We praise you that the Holy Spirit makes Jesus real for us
and brings us God’s word in the Bible.

We thank you for the way in which the Holy Spirit fill us
with new hope, great joy and real life.
Forgive us when we still do not trust you in the way we should
and that we are afraid to trust you with the whole of our lives.
We ask your forgiveness for the way we hurt you and each other,
and the way we hurt ourselves.

We ask our prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.


All Prayers from
David Clowes, 500 Prayers for all Occasions (England: David C. Cook, 2003), 112, 181, 319.


One response to “Prayers for Pentecost Sunday

  1. Inspired and Spirit filled words Megan! Just beautiful, thank you Lord!

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