Worshiping Well

"Worship the LORD in the splendour of his holiness" Psalm 96:9a

Easter Sunday Prayers

on March 28, 2012


Mary’s Easter Day was a mixture of discovery, sadness, and awareness. With her discovery she runs quickly to tell the others. In her sadness she finds comfort among the angels. When made aware of Jesus’ presence she calls him “Rabbouni,” teacher. Easter continues today as a time to relate the good news, to find comfort, and to confess Christ as the source of new truth.

Call to Worship:

Leader:    Christ is risen!

People:    Christ is risen indeed!

Leader:   This is the day that the Lord has made;

People:     Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Prayer of Praise and Adoration:

This is indeed the day that you have made, O God, a day of gladness and rejoicing. You cause new life to burst forth with great beauty and fragrance. You adorn the creation with splendour and grandeur. You give your people a taste of your righteousness as we worship the Christ, the cup of new life. Be with us now as we enter the gates of your temple, and hear us as we give you thanksgiving and praise.

A Litany of Assurance:

Leader:    With the stone rolled away came emptiness

People:     Of a tomb that held captive the Crucified, of the space that was once filled with death, of the cross that now pointed to greater truth of God’s love in spite of ourselves.

Leader:    With the stone rolled away came questions

People:     From those whose world lay shattered from those who would demand living proof, from those who were seeking a sign of promise breeding confidence, assurance and trust.

Leader:    With the stone rolled away came light

People:     To illumine the darkness of suspicion and fear, to dispel the shadows of distrust, anxiety, insecurity, to radiate with the beams of new hope and understanding the life about to be lived.

Leader:    With the stone rolled away comes a future

People:     With a trust that outshines the wisdom of ages, with space to be filled with the kingdom of God, with the company of those who through history confess Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia! Amen.

Prayer of Dedication:

Bountiful God, we come with our offerings in response to your love. With the new life in Christ, we give ourselves in service to others. With the energy bestowed by the Spirit, we seek to inflame all your people with a zeal for your way. Receive the work we do, and the gifts we bring, that they may become a blessing in your sight.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving:

All honour, praise, and glory are due your name, O God. You cause the breath to fill our lungs, our eyes to see, and our lips to proclaim your merciful name to all the nations. You awaken us this day with the dawn of a new age, with the sun rising on friend and foe alike, and the truth of Christ’s redeeming resurrection ablaze across the heavens. Christ is risen indeed to bring fullness of life to all your people.
We give you thanks that in Christ Jesus you reveal to us your Word. As prophets listened to your voice, make us likewise attentive to the Word that became flesh, and thereby empowered to speak the truth of your love.
We give you thanks that in Christ Jesus you have opened the way for all to approach you in prayer. As he offered himself as a sacrifice that was pleasing in your sight, we yearn for the day when all that we do will be in praise of your name. We confess Christ as the cornerstone of the church. As we seek to respond to his call, may our conviction breed courage, and our charity challenge others to approach you with hope.
We give you thanks that even now in Christ Jesus we taste the new wine of the gospel. Already past is finished and gone. We gather this day as the community of witnesses to the meaning of Jesus for all human life. Fill us with the Spirit of resurrection as we seek to become your redemptive society.

All prayers from
James G. Kirk, When we Gather A Book of Prayers for Worship (Kentucky: Geneva Press, 2001), 60-61.



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