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"Worship the LORD in the splendour of his holiness" Psalm 96:9a

Easter Sunday Prayers


Mary’s Easter Day was a mixture of discovery, sadness, and awareness. With her discovery she runs quickly to tell the others. In her sadness she finds comfort among the angels. When made aware of Jesus’ presence she calls him “Rabbouni,” teacher. Easter continues today as a time to relate the good news, to find comfort, and to confess Christ as the source of new truth.

Call to Worship:

Leader:    Christ is risen!

People:    Christ is risen indeed!

Leader:   This is the day that the Lord has made;

People:     Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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A Great New Song by Paul Baloche

Check out the latest song and clip by Paul Baloche…’The Same Love’

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Six Prayers for Passion/Palm Sunday

1. Palm Sunday

Lord, we praise you for your glory, which we have seen
in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord.
We join in the praises of those who greeted him
as he rode into Jerusalem.
We praise you for his coming on the back of a donkey –
the sign that he comes as the Prince of Peace.
We praise you that in his coming
you have demonstrated your commitment to us
but your total rejection of all that is evil;
for the utter determination of your love
to touch our hearts,
to change our lives
and to gently but firmly call us to follow your Son.
We praise you that even when the world
and our neighbour have,
like the crowds of Palm Sunday,
stopped praising him,
he is still Lord;
that even when those around us,
like the mob who cried ‘Crucify!’,
turn their backs on you
and reject your Son and your purpose of grace for a lost world,
still you cannot be defeated.
We praise you that whether,
like the crowds who waved their palm branches,
we are passing through times of peace and rejoicing
or whether it feels as if we are standing at the foot of the cross,
you give us the assurance that your grace is sufficient
no matter the cost.
We praise you for the victory of your love
that triumphed over sin and death.
We praise you that now and always he is our living Lord.
We come to praise you now in and for him
as we will praise you for all eternity. Amen.

2. Palm Sunday

Father, we thank you for your love
which will never be lost and never be defeated;
for your grace and mercy will never end;
for Jesus’ total knowledge of you
and what we are and what we are capable of.
We thank you that though our commitment is unreliable,
you still call us to follow Christ and know him as Saviour;
that though you are not fooled
by our empty promises of obedience and trust,
you continue to call us to carry a cross and accept him as Lord.
We thank you for all whose lives
are an example of faithful perseverance in their commitment to Christ;
for those whose worship, service and trust
have far outlasted all the passing thrills that come with Palm Sundays;
for those whose faithful witness to Jesus
brought others to know him as their living Lord.
We thank you that though his cross looked like the end of the celebration,
through his resurrection and the coming of the Spirit
you have turned the end into a new beginning.
We thank you that in him, one day,
you will gather up all our feeble attempts
at praising and serving and trusting and loving,
and call us to join in a song that has no ending.
through Christ. Amen.

3. Palm Sunday 

Father, we confess that we,
like the crowds on Palm Sunday,
have praised Jesus so easily one day,
and just as easily, like Peter,
have denied him the next.
We confess that we have chosen to follow him one day,
but allowed the direction of our commitment
to be changed by the pressure of the crowd.
We confess that though we find it easy to praise him when
we are together, we find that

our thoughtless, selfish words, and deeds
still nail Christ to his cross.
We confess that we find the ways of the world too easy and undemanding,
but following Christ involves a path to a cross.
Forgive us our easy excuses as we continue to be
his Pilate and Herod and his Judas and Peter –
condemning, ignoring, betraying and denying the one who
is Lord.
Forgive our weak faith and commitment,
and make us the true followers we long to be. Amen.

 4. Passion Sunday 

Lord, we praise you for life, and for the way you make life new.
We praise you for the way you open our eyes to see the wonder of your world
and our ears to listen to the song that creation sings to your glory.
We thank you most of all for your Son Jesus Christ.
We praise you that through him you change
our hearts, our minds, and our lives.
On this Passion Sunday we remember his life of goodness,
his healing, his teaching and his love for everyone.
We remember his death on the cross for us.
We praise you that though he seemed to be defeated,
he was the one who won.
Those who hated and rejected him
believed they had defeated him,
but he was the one who was victorious.
We praise you that your love will never be defeated
and your concern will never come to an end.
We praise you for those who have loved their neighbour
and for those who have brought hope to many.
We thank you for those who told us about Jesus
and went on telling us until we finally listened.
Forgive us that we find it so easy to give up and give in;
that we are willing to follow Jesus
only until he wants us to carry a cross.
Forgive us and keep us faithful to him,
so that our lives may be filled with his victory.
For Jesus’ sake. Amen

5. Palm Sunday 

Lord, we have come to celebrate your power
and to give thanks for your glory.
We have come to praise you for Jesus
and for his coming to share in our lives.
We thank you for his riding into Jerusalem.
We praise you for the joy of Palm Sunday.
We praise you that Jesus is King of your kingdom.
We thank you that he comes as the Prince of Peace.
We praise you for those who cut down palm branches
and we thank you for those who sang songs of praise.
We praise you that Palm Sunday was like his coronation,
but we remember that the crown he wore was made of thorns.
We thank you for the man who lent him the donkey,
and for the disciples who trusted his word.
We praise you for everyone who shouted hosanna,
and we thank you for Jesus – the cause of their praise.
Forgive us when our worship is not filled with joy and celebration.
Forgive us that our lives are not flooded with thankfulness.
Forgive us that our lips and lives give you so little praise.
Lord, by your Holy Spirit,
help us to praise you everywhere
and every day and for ever. Amen.

6. Palm Sunday 

Lord, we commit ourselves to follow Christ,
not only on days that feel like Palm Sunday,
but when he calls us to follow to Calvary.
We commit ourselves to follow him always and only and for
ever. Amen.

All prayers from David Clowes, 500 Prayers for All Occasions, (England: David C. Clowes, 2003)

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How Great Is Our God (World Edition)

Last week I discovered the new Passion 2012 album on iTunes for $20.99 (AUD). It’s called Passion – White Flag and I love it. I downloaded the Deluxe Edition which has bonus video clips from the Passion 2012 Conference. It wasn’t until today that I’ve had a chance to watch some of the clips and I was moved to tears when I watched the clip ‘How Great is our God (World Edition)’. What a beautiful image of all the nations worshiping our great God…I’ve posted the video below for you to enjoy…I look forward to reading your comments.


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Welcome to ‘worshipingwell’

Welcome to my blog…’worshipingwell’. It is my desire that we would become worshipers who worship in Spirit and in truth. My blog name has a double meaning…that we would worship well, meaning that it is our best and always centred on Christ. Secondly, I hope that this site would become a ‘well’ of worship resources that others can draw upon.

I will aim to offer a variety of resources which I hope will be particularly useful for worship leaders. These may include album and song reviews, prayers, links to helpful worship sites, and anything else that I find beneficial in my worship preparation. Read the rest of this entry »